Oct 3, 2008

Cloud Computing and SOA

There are lot of things happening in the field of SOA, which is making SOA always hot. As far as banefits of SOA is considered, the first banefit comes to our mind is Reusability. Reusability is making our implementation faster as a incremental approach. When our reusable component is attached with the most of the application for integration, it gives the real visibility of SOA. Succes of SOA.

But the time comes when this reusability become resource expensive. This is the time when we need to think of using reuable component in the highly available and computing environment. Initially we would not face any challenges by using reuable component. But day by day our reusable component can go into the heavly used zone.

To overcome this kind of situation Cloud computing comes into picture. Its about creating data centers for higly scalable environment. Not the grid, but the fluid i.e. Cloud. The term called Cloud Computing. The Cloud can be contracted or expanded according to the need of your application at any point of time. Its in evolution process that comes out of grid or distributed computing. Cloud computing is very useful where you need to run high backend as well as front end processing. This all emerged due to the Web 2.0 era. According to the study made, by 2010 there will be 4 billion cell phones. To support these much devices, we need highly scalable, responsive model. To achieve this target Cloud Computing will be very useful.