Jul 17, 2008

Service Oriented Architecture

When we talk about SOA - Service Oriented Architecture, means everything is revolving around services. To whom am I talking, is a service. When we come in to open standards, the word service becomes a Web Service. Means we are converting our piece of code into a Web service. So that it provides a flexibility, adaptibility, loose coupling. That is why in big organizations when ERP talks to ERP, there comes into picture SOA.
So that business should flow without any loss of revenue.

Key Principles -
> Standards – Compliance to both common and industry specific standards is required for interoperability between heterogeneous applications.

> Abstraction – Reusable, modular coarse-grained business services provide rapid composite application development and easier maintenance.

> Loosely coupled – Minimal dependencies with other applications offer durability and agility.

So Make more profit using SOA