Jul 22, 2008

WSIF - Web Service Invocation Framework

> It supports a simple Java API for invoking Web services, no matter how or where the services are provided.

> The WSIF API allows clients to invoke services focusing on the abstract service description-the portion of WSDL that covers the port types, operations and message exchanges without referring to real protocols.

> The abstract invocations work because they are backed up by protocol-specific pieces of code called providers.

> The decoupling of the abstract invocation from the real provider that does the work results in a flexible programming model that allows dynamic invocation, late binding, clients being unaware of large scale changes to services - such as service migration, change of protocols,etc.

> WSIF also allows new providers to be registered dynamically, so you could enhance your client's capability without ever having to recompile its code or redeploy it.